Dementia Care

In the United Kingdom 820,000 people suffer from Dementia and twenty five million people have either a close friend or family member who suffers from the symptoms. People often ask “What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?”

Dementia is progressive, which means that the symptoms will get worse over time and although there is currently no cure however, specialist care and support is one of the ways to help keep it manageable whilst living at home.
We provide specialist care and support to people with dementia living in their own homes. You will find our staff value and respect your loved ones as individuals regardless of their condition. Below are just a few of the ways in which we assist people to manage their condition:   

Assisting to Retain Identity
Our staff endeavour to assist people to retain their individual style and preserve their identity through the way they like to dress. We help people to make their own choices for as long as they can, and as their dementia progresses and more help is required, we tactfully and sensitively provide assistance with respect and dignity avoiding difficult situations.

Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet
Dementia can also greatly affect a person's relationship with food and eating, it is not uncommon for people with dementia to eat badly and even forget to eat. We ensure the people we care and support have a good experience at meal times, enjoy their food and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Health & Well-Being
As dementia progresses, people become less able to identify their own health problems or fail to tell you about them. Our carers keep an eye on the state of the person's health and look out for signs of pain or discomfort. This early identification and intervention can avoid unnecessary suffering from unrelated illnesses.

Assistive Technology
Through the use of Assistive Technology we are able to provide care and support when it is most needed. Taking a snapshot of a person’s normal living pattern throughout the day and night enables us to provide services that fit in and around a person’s normal routine. Additionally this technology often identifies problems not easily identifiable or apparent such as activity overnight. Monitoring can also be used long-term to identify other problems such as wandering. Dementia care support is as individual as the person receiving it.

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