Staying independent with dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia will have a big impact on your life. You and your family may worry about how long you can care for yourself, particularly if you live alone. People with dementia can remain independent for some time, but will need support from family and friends.

Living at home when you have dementia

In the early stages of dementia, many people are able to look after their homes in the same way as before their diagnosis. However, as the illness gets worse, it is likely that someone who has dementia will find it difficult to look after their home and they may need help with daily activities, such as housework and shopping. The home of a person with dementia may also need to be adapted to enable them to stay safe, mobile and independent.

Living alone with dementia

It’s good to stay independent for as long as possible. Many people with dementia continue to live successfully on their own for some time. However, be aware that, as your condition progresses, you will need extra support to help you cope, and it’s better to get this in place early.
Talk to family, friends and health professionals about how they can help you to stay independent. They can advise on how to cope with practical tasks, such as shopping. Find out about the local support services that can help you manage in your home – for example, by doing laundry and supervising meals.

Assistive technology for people with dementia

Assistive technology is available for people with dementia or other conditions that affect memory. AT Dementia is an organisation that provides access to technology aimed specifically at people with dementia, including:
daily living aids – special utensils to help people eat and drink
stand-alone devices – aids that can be used without being linked to a monitoring centre or carer

Source NHS choices

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Staying independent with dementia
Being diagnosed with dementia will have a big impact on your life. You and
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