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Well-being Check

“A huge thank you for caring for Mum. We really appreciate help and kind consideration to her. You are all Brilliant! mainly for putting up with her little foibles. Thank you!!!!”

Whether near or far we provide peace of mind for family and friends.

Our Wellbeing check is a short pop in visit to make sure you, or your loved one/s are safe and well. This is a short pop in visit from a friendly familiar face to ensure all is well, Your visiting carer is trained and able to deal with any problems that may arise, we will of course contact your nominated person to let them know if there is a problem.

These visits provide assurance that everything is well to both the person receiving the visit and their family. We make maximum use of the time for the duration of the Your carer will have a chat to establish everything is well and undertake any minor tasks within permitted time.

Check medication has been taken

Switching fires, heating and lights on or off

Making a hot drink

Drawing / opening the curtains

Checking that the person has eaten and is hydrated

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