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During the pandemic and lock-down your well-being is our absolute priority. Rest assured our staff are well equipped with personal protective equipment to ensure your safety. Our teams are working in safe ways to protect you from COVID 19. We closely follow government guidelines and ensure staff are kept informed of any new developments and implement any recommendations. We are proud of our teams, the work they do and thank them for their dedication.      

We will continue to work hard to maintain the service throughout lock-down, also when it eases up, and hopefully in the not to distance future in a time of normality.

If you need advice specific to you service, please call our offices on 01253 899982 ask for a manager or supervisor who will be pleased to help

For most people catching the virus symptoms will be mild such as a fever a cough and shortness of breath. For older people and those with existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes the virus can be more serious, it can progress to a severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Fatalities worldwide have been around 3.4% to date, affecting mainly people with underlying health conditions.

So, what steps should you take to protect yourself during a local outbreak.

The first line of defence is to understand how people get infected by the virus and how it is spread. It is thought people are infected when the virus enters their body through either the mouth, nose or eyes.

This occurs in two ways:

  1. When someone coughs or sneezes the virus is spread through small droplets of mucus ejected into the air, people in close proximity breath in the droplets and become contaminated.
  2. Other Droplets from a sneeze or cough land on furniture, your ornaments, your clothes etc., all become host to the virus, according to latest research from Germany that can live 9 days outside of the body. Touch a contaminated surface and the virus will transfers to your hands, it’s a certainty you will contaminate yourself by touching your mouth, nose or eyes within a few minutes.

I hear you say “I won’t touch my face” easier said than done, just take a few minutes to try. Contact with anyone infected will pass the virus onto you, simply touching, shaking hands, a kiss or hug is all it takes.

So, what should I do? After listening to the experts and reading articles issued by the government, NHS and other reliable sources here are my top 10 tips for keeping safe:

I hope you have found my top 10 tips useful, keep yourself safe, don’t panic. We are all in this together.


John Lee

Director and Health and Safety Officer

All About You Care Services limited.


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