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Care Funding

“My carers are very kind and lovely towards me. They take time to talk to me about what is happening in the big wide world.”


Our home care services are commissioned by local authorities and NHS trusts, however, much of our work is for people who pay for our services privately. Because services are person centered and tailored to your needs costs will vary according to the level of care needed and the length and frequency of visits.

Private Paying Clients

As a privately paying client you arrange and pay for care yourself without involving the council

One of our assessors can arrange to visit you or a family member at home or in hospital to discuss your care and support, we offer free advice and guidance, and will suggest the type and level of support that best suits you.

Regardless of whether your care is paid for privately or by public funds we offer the highest quality services at competitive rates, all provided by experienced and qualified staff.

Help from Your Local Authority

If you have less than £23,250 in savings, then you will probably be entitled financial support to help towards the cost of your care, how much you receive will depend on your personal circumstances such as income, savings, household costs and disability expenses.

Once it is has been decided how much care and support you need, you will be offered a Personal Budget, this is an amount of money made available to you for spend on your care and support.

You can ask your council for a financial assessment (means test) to check if you qualify for any help with costs.

You can choose to receive a:

  • Direct Payment
    This is when the authority gives you a monthly cash payment, you decide how best to spend this money to meet your care and
    support needs. This gives you total control of the type of care and
    support you have and who and when it is provided. You organise and pay for your own services from your Direct Payment.
  • Managed Personal Budget
    This is when you say what services you want and Social Services or a care agency organise your care and support. These payments are designed to support you to live at home, in addition to being spent on direct care they can also be used to promote independence through social inclusion, education and leisure activities, we can help you to sensibly plan these activities into your support plan.

Brokerage Service

If you choose to have a Personal Budget we can act in your best interest as a broker taking away the hassle of administration, and ensuring you are offered a wide range of care, support, and alternative solutions to keep you living safely at home.

Because our services are person centred and tailored to your needs, costs will vary according to the level of care needed and the length and frequency of visits...
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