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“When we were faced with trying to keep Mum in her own home it was daunting and a worry, we had previously experienced very poor quality care from another organisation. Our concerns were soon diminished when your Company started to care for Mum (93 years) They treat mum with complete respect and their genuine caring nature shows through at all times.”

The things that make us a Quality Provider

Listed below are some of many ways in which we ensure you receive only the highest quality and most reliable services. Additionally, it is good to know our carers are trained with the skills and knowledge to enable them to carry out their work professionally, and most importantly, you will consistently see the same friendly and reliable staff.

We are good listeners

Here at ‘All About You’ we are good listeners, we hear what you say and we will act upon your wishes, we will not tell you ‘what’s best for you’ because we understand the only person who knows that is you. However, if you do need help in making a decision we are happy to provide you with information to help you to make an informed decision.

We don’t assume things are going fine

As with all things in life very often people accept what is offered, and very often this is not the best. We review your services regularly giving you the chance to have your say and tell us what’s working and what’s not working. This gives us the opportunity to make changes to ensure we meet your expectations and outcomes.

We value your views

From time to time we will send you a questionnaire, this gives you an opportunity to rate your service and your carers, when completing the questionnaire you may remain anonymous. Anything you say or suggest will be taken with the views of other service users to improve the overall quality and range of services we offer.


“My carers are competent and well trained. I feel completely safe in their care.”

Comments made to Care Quality Commission during our last inspection.

“One person told us how they had been desperately ill and unable to turn over in bed. They said the excellent care they received encouraged them to get out into the community even on the bad days. The person said, “They were brilliant with me and my life is so much better thanks to the care and encouragement I received.”

Comments made to Care Quality Commission during our last inspection.

“They have made my life so much easier and I so look forward to their visits.”

Comments made to Care Quality Commission during our last inspection.

“They are very pleasant, and I appreciate all they do.” And, “My carers are polite, caring and helpful.”

Comments made to Care Quality Commission during our last inspection.

“My carers are very kind and lovely towards me. They take time to talk to me about what is happening in the big wide world.”

Comments made to Care Quality Commission during our last inspection.


The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator appointed by the government to oversee Health and Social Care for Adults. It is the regulator’s job to protect the interests of vulnerable people. The regulator ensure our service meets national standards of quality and safety through monitoring and inspection.

The Homecare Association

The Homecare Association is the national professional association and representative association for organisations who provide care to people in their own homes. The Homecare Association produces information on good practice and acts as a focal point for innovation and quality within the care industry.

As a member of the Homecare Association we comply with the organisations Code of Practice which contains guidelines to ensure that, when supplying home care:

  1. The highest standards of care are provided
  2. The rights and welfare of clients are paramount.
  3. The rights and welfare of care workers are protected.
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