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Website Privacy Policy

These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the web site of All About You Care Services Limited. Information technology continues to present new and exciting opportunities. However, many people are concerned about how their personal information will be used. We recognise that our users may have concerns about their privacy and confidentiality whilst online. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of our users whilst using our web site.

The following Privacy Statement has been published to provide a clear and concise outline of how and when personal information is collected, stored and distributed by All About You. This Privacy Statement covers personal information collected via the All About You web site.

Personal Information Collected

The nature of personal information collected and maintained by All About You includes information gained for those seeking care at home, or a franchise business opportunity or recruitment opportunity with All About You. For statistical purposes we collect information on: web site activity such as the number of users who visit the web sites; the date and time of visits; the number of pages viewed; navigation patterns; what country and what systems users have used to access the sites; and, when entering our web sites from another website; the address of that website through the use of ‘cookies’. This information on its own does not identify an individual but it does provide All About You with statistics that we can use to analyse and improve our web site. We do not collect information about anyone’s political or religious beliefs, ethnic background or sexual preferences.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Unless you have instructed us not to do so, personal information may be shared within the All About You company, where it will remain confidential and only be used for the purpose as you already intended. All About You undertakes not to sell, rent or trade your personal information.

We will not disclose information about you unless the disclosure is: Required by law, is authorised by law or you have consented to our disclosing the information about you.

As with most business organisations, All About You relies on third party suppliers to conduct specialised activities such as mail-outs, credit checks and the provision of internet services and the processing of specialised media and direct mail activity. These suppliers act on behalf of All About You and do not facilitate their own commercial objectives whilst processing your personal information. While personal information may be provided to these suppliers to enable them to perform their agreed tasks, such information remains the property of All About You at all times and the supplier organisations involved are bound by specific confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.


Website enquiries

If you contact the All About You website with an enquiry, such as a question about our content, you may be contacted to provide feedback on how we managed your enquiry. You will be asked for your consent when you submit your data to us.

We will hold the information you provide us for as long as necessary to support the service we are providing you, for example so we can continue to provide assistance or resolve an ongoing issue.

If no communication has been made in over 12 months and the information is not required to resolve an ongoing issue, then all communication and any personal information will be deleted. Non-personal information, such as how long your enquiry was open for or the part of the website you were using, will remain. This is to allow for reporting over a period greater than 12 months.

Information is kept for 12 months to allow for trend analysis, identifying reoccurring issues and understanding common issues.

Exceptions include those currently following the complaints process, or when consent to keep information for longer has been obtained. Additionally, if we have determined that the information supplied contains personal information that we do not need to hold to provide assistance, we will endeavour to remove this information sooner.

Personal Information Security

All About You is committed to keeping secure the data you provide us and we will take all reasonable precautions to protect your personally identifiable information from loss, misuse or alteration.

Your information: what, why and where we use it

All About You collects information when you use our website and services. That information can include, for example, your contact details, how you’re using our services, your location or your preferences.

We mostly use your data to keep you connected to our network and manage your account. We also use your data to improve our services and to comply with some legal obligations.

Your marketing preferences
If you’ve chosen to receive marketing messages from us, we’ll use your data to bring you more of the things you’re interested in.

Your data and third parties
We use selected third parties to help deliver services to our customers and to support our business. And sometimes we are legally required to give information to certain authorised agencies. But we won’t share your data with any third parties for marketing purposes, unless you’ve told us it’s ok to do so.

Your rights
You have some important rights that determine how and whether we use your data. For example, you can decide you don’t want to be sent marketing messages and you’re entitled to receive a copy of your data.
Your privacy is extremely important to us. So, if you think we’re not handling your data properly we want you to tell us. And after that, if you feel that we aren’t getting it right, you can complain to the Information Commissioner.



A ‘cookie’ is a packet of information that allows the server (the computer that houses the web site) to identify and interact more effectively with your computer. A different identification number is sent each time you use our web site. Cookies do not identify individual users, although they do identify a user’s browser type and your Internet Service Provider (ISP). To evaluate the effectiveness of our web sites appeal and user-friendliness, we may use third parties to collect statistical data. No personal data will be collected on these occasions. You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is sent. Please refer to your browser instructions or help screens to learn more about these functions. At the end of your interaction with our web site, you can have your computer ensure that the cookie is deleted. This means it no longer exists on your computer and therefore it cannot be used for further identification or access to your computer.

Changes to this Statement

All About You may make changes to this Privacy Statement from time to time for any reason. We will publish those changes on our web sites. This Privacy Statement was last updated on 7 January 2020.

Contact us about Privacy

If you would like further information regarding this Privacy Statement or if you think we have breached any aspect of this Privacy Statement or if you would like to see our Privacy Policy, please contact us by writing to the address below:

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